Incomplete Grade Request (Graduate Professional Studies)

Requests for incomplete status may be made no earlier than the seventh week of a course and no later than the ninth week. An incomplete grade is a temporary grade to allow for additional time to complete assignments and will be replaced with a final grade following the deadline determined by you and your instructor, typically no more than four weeks after the close of the session. After discussing the delayed work assignments and corresponding due dates with your instructor, please complete the following information.

Please note that all requests for an incomplete must be agreed upon with your instructor prior to your submission of this form. Please refer to the GPS Student Handbook for full details on the Incomplete Grade Policy and contact your student advisor with any questions regarding requesting an incomplete grade. 

Student Information
Note: Birthdate or your Student ID are required in order to confirm your student status. Student ID can be found by accessing Workday and viewing the "Student Information" section in the "Summary" on your student profile. 
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